Vinyl Liner Patterns - Regina Pools & Spas

Vinyl Liner Patterns

An Exact Fit for Your Pool. A Perfect Match For Your Style

NOTE: All pool photos were shot in natural light at different times of day and in different weather conditions. The actual water color will differ from these photos. Use the Water Color Guide to help determine your actual water color.

Classic-Refined, Elegant & Timeless

The classic design originated from the European culture. The Greek and Roman are the main inspirations of the classic design. Very elegant and ornate, the classic design never goes out of style!

Borderless Sandstone
Siesta Wave | White Diffusion
Rialto | Blue Diffusion
Hudson | Plaza
Slate Tile | Del Caribe
Bayview Slate | White Diffusion
Napa Estates | Brilliant Bahama
Bourbon St. | Plaza
Olympia | White Crystal
Florentine | Blue Crystal
Brussels | Sundance

Geometric-Clean, simple & sophisticated

A geometric pattern is linear, consisting of geometric figures, such as triangles, rectangles, circles and squares. Geometric patterns are found in many places, including art and architecture and they tend to be symmetrical. This creates a very clean, simple and sophisticated look.

Amelia | Azure Mosaic
Sierra | Mosaic
Mountain Top | Royal Seabrook
Gray Slate | Black Granite
Pedra Fe | Del Caribe
Devonshire | Sandpebble
Regatta | Royal Seabrook
Natural Stone | Quartzite
Zanzibar | Blue Diffusion
Twilight | Sundance

Contemporary-Smooth Flowing Profiles

Contemporary design is rooted in the moment as in this moment, the here and now. Smooth flowing profiles instead of ornamentation. A strong emphasis on line and form — two essentials of good design — gives contemporary style its energy.

Sunburst | Azure Mosaic
Nautical Braid | Mosaic
Bethany Wave | Brilliant Bahama
Blue Ridge Slate Embossed Borderless
Serpentine | White Crystal
Mosaic Wave Borderless
Colorado | Sundance
Boca | Blue Crystal
Gray Granite Borderless
Sea Stone Marble Borderless

Borderless Patterns

Borderless Patterns No interest in a tile design? No problem! Your floor pattern can extend all the way up the sidewall to meet the coping or deck. The choice is yours!

Azure Mosaic
Blue Diffusion
Brilliant Bahama
Gray Granite
White Crystal
Light Blue
Mosaic Wave
Sea Stone Marble
Del Caribe
Blue Crystal
Royal Seabrook
Black Granite
Blue Ridge Slate Embossed