Pool and Hot Tub Store

Full Range of Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna Products

Our retail showroom contains a wide variety of quality pool and spa chemicals, accessories, supplies and parts for your every need. Our products include:

  • Chemicals – Brands including BioGuard, SpaGuard, BaquaSpa, SilkBalance, Natural Chemistry,Great Lakes, United Chemicals, Nature2, and HotSpring Freshwater systems.
  • Equipment – Components including pumps, motors, heaters, automatic pool cleaners, pool filters, lights, safety covers, hoses, ozonators, and salt water sanitizing systems.
  • Accessories – Including fragrances, spa steps, spa cover lifter systems, hot tub replacement covers, toys, games, umbrellas, handrails, and floats.
  • Supplies – Including diatomaceous earth (DE), test kits, salt, sand, muriatic acid, and anti-freeze.
  • Parts – Grids, baskets, o-rings, spa replacement filters, as well as a large supply of HotSpring spa parts,and Pentair and Hayward filter and pump parts.
  • Fantasy Spas


Our showroom also contains the latest models of HotSpring and Hot Spot spas; Finnleo saunas; a portrait gallery of national award winning Regina swimming pools and vinyl liner design samples. We also provide private rooms with operating spas so you can have an incredible hot tub shopping experience with your family.

Knowledgeable and Caring Staff

Our expert staff (many with over 25 years of industry knowledge) does more than just sell pool, spa, and sauna products and supplies. They listen to your specific needs, offer friendly advice and produce solutions. Whether its questions concerning water care, maintenance issues or hard-to-find parts, they know the answers.

Free Computerized Water Analysis

Our professional staff will help you with any of your chemical questions and we offer free computerized water analysis utilizing the Bioguard and Taylor Technology systems. We also offer free pool water testing for phosphates, salt, and metals and free hot tub water testing for salt and metals.

Convenient Location and Hours

Regina Pools & Spas’ showroom and retail center is conveniently located at 2066 York Road, Timonium, just south of the Maryland State Fairgrounds and the intersection of York Road and Timonium Road. Our store is easily accessible via York Road (I-695 Beltway Exit 26) or I-83 (Timonium Rd-East, Exit 16). In addition, our parking lot is handicap accessible.

Our spa and pool supply store in Baltimore is open year round, seven days a week for your shopping needs.

Yes! We are open from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday all year long.

We are open Monday – Friday 10am-6pm; Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

We offer free digitalized water testing in store. We ask for about 10 oz of water or more; generally a filled water bottle is best. For best results, take the sample from elbow depth down away from returns and skimmers. It takes only about 5-10 minutes to complete a water test, and you can wait, call for your results, or have us call or fax you your results.

Based on your water care program we test for TDS, Salt, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Soft Soak/BaquaSpa Sanitizer and Oxidizer, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer, Copper and Iron. We can also perform a test for phosphates; please ask us to test this when you drop off the water sample.

TDS is the Total Dissolved Solids in your pool/spa water. This means all chemicals and contaminants that have been dissolved into your water. In pools this measurement is often not adjusted because pool water is replaced often due to splash outs and evaporation. In spas however, this level helps us determine when it is time to drain your spa. When TDS reaches over 1,000 ppm we often let the customer know it will soon be time to drain and refill. High TDS can cause cloudy water, as well as frequent imbalances in the pH, alkalinity and oxidizer levels.

Our retail showroom contains a wide variety of quality products for your every pool and spa need. We feature BioGuard, SpaGuard, BaquaSpa, Natural Chemistry, Nature2, and Freshwater Systems. Also available are pool and spa components such as pumps, heaters, automatic cleaners, filters, lights, covers, hoses, baskets, vinyl liner samples, and other miscellaneous parts. Fulfilling your additional backyard needs are toys, games, floats, fragrances, and test kits.

Simply use Sunstar Shampoo and Conditioner. First, spray on the shampoo and rub with a soft wet rag to clean the dirt off. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. With a clean dry rag apply the conditioner all over the top of the vinyl to protect against the elements.

We stock parts for these spas:
Hot Spring Spas, Tiger River Spas, Hot Spot Spas, Fantasy Spas and Freeflow spas.

We also stock parts for Hayward and Pentair pool equipment, Polaris Automatic Vacuums and miscellaneous plumbing parts.

We are open all year long except for on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.