The Common Cause of No Heat Calls for Hot Spring Hot Tubs

The Common Cause of No Heat Calls

Ever wonder why your hot tub stopped heating? Is there something that can be done by you to save you a service call fee?

While having a piece of equipment fail like a heater, circulating pump, or part of the control system can be the cause of your hot tub not heating, they aren’t as common as you might think. The number one reason we see no heat calls is that there is a flow issue that can be easily fixed by the customer. 

What is the main cause? Your filters! 

Your filters are the equipment’s first defense against anything floating in your tub. This could be anywhere from body oils, a leaf, to the rubber ducky your child just had to have in the hot tub with them. Without your filters, all of these items would find their way down into the plumbing, pumps, and heater. And just like anything else, when the flow of water gets obstructed, it becomes a smaller stream of water and can even stop. When the heater or circulation pump are no longer able to pull the water they need to perform their jobs, an error message is sent to the control system saying to shut off the heater as there is something wrong. A Hot Spring hot tub is meant to protect itself from these types of issues by turning off, sending error messages to the control panel, and can even trip the breakers, all because of dirty filters. 

Even when the filters look clean, they have body oils on them. As the oils and debris build up on the filters, they restrict flow. To check if the filters are the cause of the lack of heat, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn the hot tub off at the outside (subpanel) breakers or unplug the hot tub if you do not have breakers. 
  2. Take all of the filters out of the filter compartment. 
  3. Let sit for 30 seconds.
  4. Turn breakers back on in the proper sequence. If you are unsure which to turn on first, please call our store or refer to your owner’s manual
  5. Leave the filters out.
  6. If the hot tub turns back on or you can see bubbles or a ripple at the bottom of the hot.
  7.  tub floor, put the cover back on the tub and let sit to heat back up. Monitor closely. If the hot tub starts to heat back up, either clean or replace the filters, which were the issue!
  8. If the hot tub does not turn back on, heat, or there are still no bubbles, there is another issue and you need to call us to set up a service appointment. You can also request a service call here.