Chemical FAQs

Chemical FAQ

The BioGuard chemicals 1-2-3 program is Sanitizer, Oxidizer and Algaecide.

Sanitizer: This step is the application of Silk Tabs, Silk Sticks, or Silk Smart Sticks. These can be placed in the skimmer or in a floater. The amount of tabs/sticks needed on the pool size. For instance, in a 10,000 gallon pool, between 1-2 tabs/sticks should be added.

Oxidizer: This step included granular chlorine, often referred to as “shock”. Generally used once a week, the amount depends on the size of the pool. We stock three different types for every type of pool surface –BurnOut3, BurnOut35 and Smart Shock.

Algaecide: About once a week, as a regular maintenance to prevent algae, an algaecide should be used. We offer three options –Algae All 60, Back Up and Smart Algaecide. One of our expert staff members can help you decide which one is right for your pool.

Combined chlorine can occur anytime the amount of contaminants in the pool or spa overwhelms the amount of sanitation being delivered to the pool/spa water. When chlorine combines with these contaminants it creates chloramines which produce a strong chlorine odor. Get your water tested if your pool or spa has a strong chlorine smell, or if your test strips show no free chlorine but any amount of total chlorine. In order to treat combined chlorine you have to reach “break point”. Add double the amount of shock that you would normally add to the pool or spa and allow to circulate for 24 hours before retesting. After you shock wait until the chlorine level stabilizes at 1-3 ppm before entering the pool or spa again. In cases where there is a very high amount of combined chlorine, a triple or quadruple shock may be recommended.

Before a storm we recommend to purchase a submersible pump so you can be ready to drain water off the cover or out of the pool if the water level gets too high. After a bad storm, remove any debris from your pool water by skimming or vacuuming. Check your skimmer and pump baskets and make sure they are also clear. If necessary, backwash your filter. Super oxidize by doubling the amount of shock you normally use in the water and allow it to circulate for 24 hours. Check the water balance, and rebalance if necessary. Our service team is also available to provide any help after a storm. Please call and schedule maintenance with us so we can work to get your pool back to running smoothly.

There could be a few factors causing this issue. We recommend bringing in a water test so we can check the balance of your water and adjust if necessary. First, check your stabilizer level. If it is not in the correct range, the chlorine could be burning off too fast. Also, check your skimmer and make sure you are adding the proper amount of chlorine sticks or tablets, and make sure you are adding the proper amount of granular chlorine once a week. If there was recently a heavy bather load or storm you may need to super chlorinate to overcome the amount of contaminants in the water. Check under your skimmer baskets and under ladder steps for water mold –if they feel slimy you may need to super chlorinate and treat for water mold. Finally, check for phosphates and if present treat for them.

If you have green algae: Brush the pool walls thoroughly especially in places of low circulation. Use Banish, then 1 hour later double shock* the water. Allow to circulate 24 hours. Banish is an effective method to kill green, black and mustard algae. We also have other algae products available for different circumstances.

One of our expert staff members can help you choose which method is best to kill the algae in your pool. To prevent algae from growing during the summer you should brush often, keep your pool balanced, keep your chlorine level between 1-3 ppm and use an algaecide such as Algae All 60 or Backup weekly. *Double shock = Twice your regular shock amount. Example: “Regularly I shock with two bags of BurnOut3, so a double shock would equal 4 bags.”

For pools we offer different water care programs including chlorine, bromine, salt, or biguanide (SoftSwim). For spas the water care is very similar. We offer programs including chlorine, bromine, salt, the FreshWater system and biguanide (BaquaSpa).

Most likely the water is out of balance or the oxidizer level is too high or too low. Test your water or bring us a sample, and one of our expert staff members can recommend a solution.

In a cool, dry, well ventilated area away from pets and children. Always refer to the instruction label on your specific chemicals for storage information.