Hot Tub FAQs

Hot Tub FAQ

Yes! We have several models of HotSpring, HotSpot, Limelight and Freeflow spas in our showroom. Each shell and cabinet color is featured so you can choose which you like best. You can sit in the spas to feel how comfortable the seats are as well as bring your family in to find the right size for you.

Yes, we have a few select filled models that are filled and hot. You can “wet test” the jets, water care systems and seating. Just bring in your bathing suit and let yourself relax in the deep warm water.

  • Absolute Lowest Operation cost
  • Ready to use anytime, day or night
  • Superior Filtration and easy water care
  • Efficient Jet Pump Systems
  • Dedicated Circulation PumpWarm Air Induction System provides great efficiency
  • No-Fault® Heater
  • LED Interior and Top Mount Lighting System
  • SmartJet® System
  • Hydraulically Efficient Plumbing
  • Locking UL Insulated Cover

Regina Pools & Spas has been selling HotSpring spas since 1981, and some of our very first customers still own their original HotSpring Spa. Although the technology has changed, the structure and strength of a HotSpring spa can lasts. Spa covers generally last 3-5 years and spa filters should be changed every 2-4 years for paper filters, 5-6 for tri-x filters.

The water in your spa should be drained and refilled completely about every 3-4 months. If you are on a salt system it is recommended to drain it every 6 months. To drain a HotSpring spa, simply remove the drain caps and turn the valve at the base of the equipment panel and allow water to fully empty. Attach a regular garden hose to the drains if you would prefer the water drain to another location. You can also use a small submersible pump to drain the water from the spa.

We recommend cleaning the shell with Off The Wall, a product that will remove any scale and grime buildup left behind. Also, we recommend cleaning your filters every time you drain your spa, either with GLB Filter Cleanse or Filter Cleaner Spray. The Tri-X filters can be put through the dishwater (no soap, hot water or dry cycle) but should also be chemically cleaned 1-2 times a year.

To fill a HotSpring spa, always insert the hose into the gray standpipe within the filter compartment. This will prevent air bubbles from developing in the plumbing. Continue adding water until the waterline is above the jets and just below the pillows. Only when the spa is full can you turn the power back on. Allow the temperature of the water to heat to 90 degree before adjusting the chemical balance.

For further instructions or help please call us!

With proper water sanitation it is perfectly safe to use a hot tub, and it will not make you sick. If you feel there are any problems with the sanitation of your spa water, please bring us a sample so we can help you decide if the spa can be treated or if you should drain.