Balancing 101

Balancing 101

One of the 5 keys to success to keeping your pool or spa clear and comfortable is your pool and hot tub chemistry. The three most important things to keep balanced are pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness.


pH is the measure of acid activity in the water.

Our body’s natural pH level is around 7.5, so ideal pH of pool/spa water is between 7.4 – 7.6.

Inorder to increase pH use BioGuard’s Balanace Pak 200. This will protect your pool equipment from corrosion, plaster etching, wrinkling of liners, and eye irritation.

To decrease pH use BioGuard’s Lo ‘N Slo. It is quick dissolving and safer to store, transport, and handle then liquid muriatic acid.

Total Alkalinity 

Alkalinity is the measure of the ability of the water to resist changes in pH. The ideal range for alkalinity is 125 – 150 ppm in a pool, 75-125 ppm in a hot tub, and 80-120 ppm in a salt water hot tub.

Effects of Total Alkalinity


  • pH Bounces
  • Staining
  • Increased corrosion


  • High acid demand
  • pH may also be high
  • Scaling can occur

To increase your alkalinity use Balance Pak 100 by BioGuard. This will prevent pH change, corrosion and vinyl liner wrinkling due to improper pH, and dissolves quickly when added.

To decrease alkalinity use Lo ‘N Slo or add fresh water.

Calcium Hardness 

Calcium is the measure of dissolved calcium and magensium.

Water has an appetite for these minerals which is why it is important to adjust calcium to the correct level. The ideal range for calcium hardness is 175 – 225 ppm. in a vinyl lined, painted or fiberglass pool, and 200 – 275 ppm. in plaster pools. The ideal range for calcium hardness is 100-200 ppm in a hot tub, and 25-75 ppm  in a Salt Water hot tub.

To increase calcium hardness add Balance Pak 300 by BioGuard. Balance Pak 300 protects pool equipment from corrosion, plaster etching and wrinkling of liners.

To decrease calcium hardness add fresh water. You may need to pump some water out of the pool in order to add fresh water. If the calcium is too high and stays high for a long period of time we recommend adding Scale Inhibitor to the water. Scale Inhibitor protects pool equipment from scale build-up and metal stains. It prevents cloudy water due to high calcium and removes metal stain and scale on pool surfaces.

Other Balancing Chemicals

Stabilizer 100 is Cyanuric Acid that prevent free chlorine residual to drop from sunlight. It is like sunscreen for the chlorine in the pool. Stabilizer 100 reduces maintenance costs and chlorinating product consumption. It is added to the pool through the skimmer very slowly.

Pool Magnet Plus prevent and removes stains from iron, copper, and manganese eliminating discolored water caused by metals.